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Having been established in 1995, we have been able acquire many products others haven't. Our Speciality is helping you create the in home bar or pub with the Olde World flavor you have been looking for. We have an awesome selection of pub signs, bar towels, pub lights, glassware, bar mirrors, clothing and more. All displaying world reknown breweries and distrillers such as Guinness, Heineken, Corona, Sam Adams, Bushmills etc.

Have a look around! If you dont see it ask. We just may be able to find it.
* Please note, FOR INTERNATIONAL SHIPMENTS ONLY, we have not yet set up transportation charges for International shipments.  At this time, ALL shipping charges for International shipments are subject to be requoted.  We will notify and seek your approval prior to finalizing your order.   Any International orders placed with us and not receiving a confirmation to this requote of transportion charges will be cancelled.  For further information we can be contacted at support@thepubshoppe.com.  Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Product Catalog

Bar Towels

World Famous Bar Towels

Bar towels are a great addition to your home bar decor.  They are inexpensive, functional European style bar towels and add the finishing touches for completing the old world atmosphere.  Absorbant, decorative and practical the majority of our bar towels are imported from England and licensed by their respected brewery.

Barrel Head Signs

Create your Own
Personalized Barrel Head Sign

New to our line of decorative signs we now have available a select line of beautifully crafted personalized Barrel Heads. Made from U.S. grown white oak this items will display handsomely in any warm inviting atmospher. Be it your bar or gameroom. Give a gift that last, a Personalized Barrel Head.

Guinness Metal Signs

Guinness Metal Signs

A great selection of high quality embossed metal Guinness signs displaying John Gilroy series 1940's advertising material.  Each Guinness sign is made from a heavy guage metal, embossed for an added 3-d effect and then painted with a smooth colorful glossy finish.  These Guinness signs are a high quality product of Germany that will provide a lifetime of enjoyment.
Licensed by Diegeo, the parent company of Guinness

Pub Lights

Rotating Pub and Stationary Lights

We have a great selection of brewery licensed 360 degree rotating double sided pub lights and standard stationary lights.  Each rotating pub light rotates continously on a north south axis and is lite within by a 60 watt fluorescent bulb.  A pull chain located on the right side turns your pub light on and off.  All lights come complete with a 8 ft electrical cord.  Logos include Guinness, Harp, Smithwicks, Bass, Land Shark, Budweiser & Jack Daniels & more.
* We are able to personalize or place your logo on one these rotating pub lights
See below for details.

Customized Pub Light  


Beer & Whiskey labeled Tee Shirts

We have a Great selection of beer and whiskey related t shirts from many world famous breweries and distilleries.  Including Harp, Strongbow, Tennents, Jameson and more.  All of our t-shirts are available and ready to ship

Harp Lager Tee Shirt  
Jameson Irish Whiskey Tee Shirt  
McEwan's t-shirt  
$17.95 $15.26

Patio Umbrellas

Patio Umbrellas

Brewery logoed promotional bar umbrellas are a Great way to dress up your deck or patio.  Our licensed umbrellas help set the mood for lively outdoor enteraining.  Both the cloth market and vinyl standard umbrellas are available for purchase and are licensed by their respective breweries. 

Jameson Whiskey Market Umbrella  
Guinness Umbrella